Honda Accord CL7/CL9 (2003-2008) – en

This reflash is for European Honda Accord CL9 (2003-2008) , sedan, tourer, M/T sau A/T transmission, 2.4L petrol engine.
Details about reflash:

  • VTEC point lowered to 4600 rpm , instead of 6000 rpm (stock)
  • the red line is increased to 7600 rpm from 6800 (AT)/7000(MT) stock ( for AT transmission this is available in sportshift mode, only)
  • the result is higher VTEC window (power window on the high camshaft) 4600 – 7600 rpm (stock 6000 – 6800 (AT)/7000(MT) )
  • now when you shift at redline, the next gear will fall on the power window (VTEC window); compared with the stock setup when you fall outside of the power window
  • also you are on the power window much earlier from 4600 rpm (instead of 6000 rpm stock)
  • and the power window is activated at 4600 rpm, only at WOT , otherwise is being activated at 6000 rpm (stock) – so you will be on the power window only when you really need it
  • DBW optimization for a better throttle response and feeling : pedal position is set 1:1 to throttle position, without any compensation so it behaves like a wired one
  • the software is developed for good RON 95 gas, you don’t need to use more expensive gas like RON98
  • the reflash works fine for stock engines or with bolt-ons (headers, intake, exhaust – which maximizes the gain )
  • fuel maps tuned for lower fule consumption at low rpm during normal driving  or cruising  ~0.6-0.8 L/100km ( depending on the driving style, air filter and CAT conditions)
  • the engine output and response  is much better on lower rpms, so you don’t need to rev it so high as before, so this will save the gas, too

Bellow you can find a dyno sheet made by a customer (stock engine – before and after reflash), please notice the difference in power and torque between those two graphs.


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  • How can I get the ECU reflash ?
    • if you are from dealer’s area you can provide the ECU personally , also you can bring the car to the dealer and for an additional tax you can have the ECU removed/installed by the dealer
    • if you are not from dealer’s area you can ship the ECU by mail, we will ship it back to you as soon as possible with the updated software
  • How do you remove the ECU from the car ?
    • how to for CL9 :
    • how to for CU2: TBA
  • Can I use RON98 gas ?
    • yes, but there will be no benefit of using it, as the software is developed for good RON95 gas
  • Will the reflash work with other mods like VTC gear, intake manifold, or cams ?
    • No. You will need custom tuning for those.
  • Can I reflash my 2.0 Accord CL7 (155hp) ?
    • there is work in progress for this  😉