Video feedback from customers (from Russia)

The bellow videos have the purpose to evaluate the capabilities of the reflash. The racing on the public roads is prohibited.

Accord CL9

Accord CL9 Stock A/T vs reflashed A/T

Accord CL9 stock A/T vs stock M/T

Accord CL9 reflashed A/T vs stock M/T (+1 passanger)

Accord CL9 Stock AT Type-S ( driver , empty tank ) vs Executive ( stock engine, custom headers + high flow cat, reflash , full tank of gas + 2 passangers )

Accord CL9 MT , stock engine , custom headers , custom intake

before reflash versus GTI

after reflash , gti without launch control

after reflash, gti with launch control

Vs Octavia RS


Accord CU2:

stock A/T vs reflashed A/T